The Death of the University? Theory and Resistance in Higher Education

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Henry Giroux, Stanely Aronowitz, Bill Readings, and Derek Bok among others have been highly critical of the contemporary University. From its indoctrinating tendencies to its problematic alliances with business and official governmental discourses, the University is no longer thought of as a place and space whose primary responsibility is to develop independent minded thinkers. Does this work suggest the end of the modern university? Will the university evolve beyond handmaiden status? What might a university look like that embodies the best we know about learning and pedagogy, ideology and science, literacy and technology? If we are in, or at the least moving toward, postmodernity, can the university be transformed in a way that troubles its Enlightenment-based divisions and makes it a viable place for developing our critical capacities?

Keywords: Critical Theory, Postmodernity, Critical Pedagogy, Social Theory, Ideology, Neoliberalism, Henry Giroux, Stanely Aronowitz, Derek Bok, Bill Readings
Stream: Disciplines and Interdisciplinary
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Dr. Eric Weiner

Associate Professor, College of Education, Montclair State University
West Ornage, NJ, USA

Dr. Weiner's areas of interest are Critical Pedagogy, Contemporary Social and Political Theory and Cultural Studies.

Ref: U08P0071