Sias International University: Fusing Eastern and Western Culture

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Sias International University is the only American University in China and started about 10 years ago to contribute to the developmnent of a world perspective in its more than 16,000 Chinese students. Located in Henan province in Xinzheng, the birthplace of China's first emporer,the university is the nation's fastest growing and is on one of the largest campuses (about 400 acres). Along with most of the traditional colleges and departments it's main uniqueness is the focus on fusing in the curriculum, architecture and philosophy, Eastern and Western culture. Graduates are produced with strong English skills and stronger global awareness.

Keywords: Higher Education in China, The Fusion of Western and Eastern Know-How, Developing a World Perspective
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Dr. Shawn Chen

Founder, Sias International University
Pasadena, California, USA

Shawn Chen, born and raised in China's midwestern metropolis of Chongqing, came to the United States in 1985 and was educated in Linfield college in Oregon and later in China. He's on the boeard on a number of Chinese high schools and founded Sias International University as a private Amnerican uUniversity in 1998;

Ref: U08P0345