Changing International Practices in Doctoral Education

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Doctoral degree work has undergone unprecedented change in the past ten years, in response to major international shifts in the role of the university and in the disciplines in knowledge production and the management of intellectual work. This paper reviews current research into these changes and raises a set of key questions about globalising trends in doctoral degree work. The paper suggests some major directions for trans-national research into doctoral education.

Keywords: Doctoral Education, Disciplines, The University
Stream: Research and Development
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Prof. Alison Lee

Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Technology
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Alison Lee is an educational researcher focusing on pedagogy, literacy and curriculum in higher education and particularly postgraduate education.
Her current research focus is on doctoral education and she has two forthcoming books, Changing Practices of Doctoral Education (co-edited with David Boud forthcoming with Routledge 2008) and Forged in Fire: research/supervision/pedagogy, co-authored with Bill Green. She has researched and published on professional doctorates, research degree supervision and research education, including research writing pedagogy. Most recently she has been engaged in research into professional practice involving the links between advanced higher education and professional practice. Her interests in health research are to do with clinical redesign and its implications for the education of the future health workforce.

Ref: U08P0283